Basic Leads

High-intent sales leads delivered daily to your inbox

* Get new clients for your digital agency *

Every time a company posts a new job..

1) they are trying to solve a (really big!) $50k+ problem

2) and your company can solve that problem

3) but only if you know about it immediately

How it works..

- Track job postings from 25,000+ startups and companies

- Customize job filters and configure alerts

- Detect new leads when jobs are posted that match your filters

- Get a digest of new leads each day


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What do you do?
We provide high-intent leads to digital agencies when companies/prospects post new jobs that can be solved with digital agency outsourcing.

Are my job post leads customized?
Yes! Select the job boards you want to track, create custom filters for the roles you want to track in those job boards, and only get the job post leads that are relevant to your company.

How much time will I save?
Your team is manually browsing dozens (perhaps hundreds!) of job boards, looking for relevant new leads. This low-leverage, repetitious work is costing you hours every week. Let Basic Leads automate it for you.

There are so many sales tools. Why do we need Basic Leads?
Modern sales tech is too expensive and complex for most digital agencies. Let's get back to basics and use a tool that automates what is already working.

How much does Basic Leads cost?
$0 Free for up to 10 leads/month (monthly alerts)
$99/month for up to 100 leads/day (daily alerts)

Basic Leads
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last updated April 2024